Planescape - Factor of Primes

Chapter I, cont'd: Black Box
Regarding dragons, hags, and worse things besides

At the far reaches of the Feywild, the party discovers an enormous fortification that once belonged to the ancient civilization of Hataimes. The peculiar square-spiral motif of the place, along with the abundance of strange, unidentifiable metal, corresponds readily with the helm the party has brought along as a portal key. In short order, the party befriends a dragon, explores an ancient fortress, does battle with witches and aberrations, and discovers an ancient civilization’s transdimensional equivalent of Grand Central Station. Meanwhile, the modrons continue to pursue the party, determined to recover the helm— the Helm of Boritte, worn by an ancient champion of a planes-spanning empire and former faction known as the Hataimic Manifold.

Over the course of three days in the Arborean Citadel, the party delivers a cross-trading Hag into the clutches of a tribe of ettercaps, spars with a powerful githyanki swordmage Tliy’at, and hunts for treasure with a young green dragon Moerphandidil. They are nearly devoured by an awful worm-being, Sarg is found trapped in a cursed book, and Quythoniall charges off into battle with a bizarre, faceless mage.

Chapter I: Loose Ends
In which a portal key attracts undesired attention

With hired help Dobbs, Felix, and Quythoniall, the heroes of the Red Hand War stagger out of Sigil’s undercity with their prize in hand: a battered metal helmet which will supposedly help lead them to the whereabouts of their lost companion Ithriel. The party’s mage Corum Unsung claims to have communed with his goddess Ioun, and she spoke to Erathis, who asked Avandra, who got in touch with Melora, who caught up with Sehanine, who could then prod Corellon into revealing the last known whereabouts of one of his devoted paladins.

Unfortunately, the rogue modron rogue Two Plus Two has neglected to mention that the helm belongs to an ancient civilization whose return the modron Hierarchy will do anything to prevent. The party goes to ground, while the modrons run amok in the city. The scoundrel Two Plus Two is eventually found, deprived of his limbs, and hidden away underneath Dobbs’ bed in The Jilted Planes.

Seeking a portal to a distant region of Arborea, the party breaks into the basement of Lord Shivney, a prime merchant who has recently been flayed by the Lady of Pain.


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