The Pitch

Some interest has been expressed in getting a taster of what Planescape would be like as a setting before committing to a longer-term campaign. If that’s the case, I could run a one-shot the next time we all meet for D&D. The whole idea is very exciting to me— I like this setting a lot. Here goes:

The basic premise of Planescape is that the multiverse is riddled with portals, leading everywhere and anywhere, from Athas to Eberron, to backwater dimensions with no names and no native life. It’s a lucky thing that most portals are like locked doors— invisible doors, often with equally invisible keys.

A portal can be any enclosed space, whether it’s a castle gate or the splayed legs of a statue or the open mouth of a garbage can. A key can be anything, anything at all— an actual key that you hold in your hand, a magic word, an emotion, a little ditty you whistle to pass the time— anything.

So you never know when a portal might open, and you might never know why. And you probably won’t know where it leads. Perhaps someplace pleasant, Mount Celestia or Bytopia— even the Beastlands, provided you don’t overstay your welcome. Or you could end up on a lower layer of the Nine Hells or the Abyss, and have your soul stripped by fiends, or be press-ganged into their never-ending wars. You could wander, forever lost, on the giant spinning gears of the Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus. You could drop into the formless soup of Limbo, the Plane of Ever-Changing Chaos, and drown. Or dissolve. Or burn out your nervous system in a second of pure ecstatic bliss. Hard to tell, with Limbo.

Or you could end up in Sigil.

Sigil, also known as the City of Doors, also known as the Cage. Home to the greatest concentration of known portals in the multiverse, Sigil is a city of the impossible, a place where demons, angels, dragons, beholders, and stranger things besides gather and mingle, living side-by-side, in relative harmony, with more common sights, like humans or elves or minotaurs. Sigil, neutral ground, with the peace enforced by the enigmatic Lady of Pain— masked, robed, mute, with a shadow that cuts anything that moves to bloody ribbons. Sigil, center of the multiverse, built on the inside of a ring circling the peak of an infinite spire on an infinite plain where whatever you believe becomes real, where the heavens lie one way, the hells the other, and the powers of law and chaos to either side.

So there’s my little introduction. Planescape is basically a go-anywhere, do-anything kind of setting, but it also sets a definite street-level tone which I enjoy. It puts the divine and spectacular within arm’s reach, but without reducing it to the level of the mundane. It’s something I’ve always wanted to run, and hopefully something I can do justice to.

If I can do anymore to sell you on it, let me know. Anyone who’s interested, for this one-shot, I’ve like to start with 6th level characters, any mix of race and class you like, except for githzerai, githyanki, and bladelings. In terms of background, none of you has ever been outside of the dimension you call home; this will be your first trip, and I mean for it to be a doozie.

The Pitch

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