Planescape - Factor of Primes

Chapter V, continued: Deus Ex Mechanus
Carry on, Wayward Sun
Chapter V: Dobbs for Prayer
I believe in Dobbs
Chapter IV, interlude: How the Adventure Ended
Out of the Ashes, and into the fire

Bon voyage, Ithriel, Altharion, and Ashes! Best of luck!

Chapter III, concluded: Rough Trade
A bargain at twice the price
Chapter III, cont'd: Sin of Omission
The road to hell
Chapter III: Carol of the Hells
Give 'til it hurts
Chapter II, concluded: Instant Karma
It's gonna get you too
Chapter II: Golden Rule
Whoever pays the piper sets the tune

Joined in Sigil by Ashes and Cassan, the party takes a job from widow of the late Lord Shivney, now the leader of Shivney’s entire trade consortium. Lady Ravine Shivney asks that the party travel to her home prime of Cavindryhal, there to investigate the disappearance of one of her husband’s old business partner… in a city steadily falling apart amid the throes of civil war.

Furthermore, Lady Shivney places the party under a geas not to share any details of their mission.

In the old dwarven city of Ore-A-Delve, the party must navigate streets torn apart in equal parts by violent battles between rebel freedom fighters and Prince Rothfust’s Ironguard, and the frequent movements of a terrible purple worm. The party meets the Athar warlock Baium in the city, supporting the rebels’ efforts to get out from under the joint rule of church and throne.

Within an old Hataimic outpost, the party finds the offices and barracks of the Lodge quite abandoned, apart from a group of Anarchist intruders. Caught between an anarchist fiend-binder and a pack of doppelganger assassins, the party pushes deeper into the fortress, only to find a portal leading deep below the city, to a magical weapons smithy built above a conduit to the Elemental Plane of Earth. The anarchist unlocks the ancient Dawnwall, its door sealed by a chained archon. Freeing the archon and dispatching the anarchist, the party finds a vast chamber, celestial by its architecture, where divine artifacts were once stored. Out of five, only one remains, a curiously unremarkable polished stone. The stone must be worth something, however, as the party fights off a vicious assault by the doppelganger assassins, who attempt to make off with the stone.

Baium, Quythoniall, and the weakened archon are separated from the others by a purple worm attack, which furthermore leads to the elemental smithy erupting in a storm of unbound elementals, pouring into the already-ravaged city.


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